About Ningis

As fashion trends changes from time to time, Ningis Academy has maintained a non doubt able quality in producing an industry standards graduates for more than 7 years because great fashion always includes great people and great people always graduates at Ningis Academy.

Thanks for taking time to read more about who we are. Ningis Academy Of Fashion Design is a Stanger head quartered fashion designing school established by Ningi Mhlongo. Ningi is a qualified fashion designer well know in and around KZN for her miraculous love of quality designs and that touch of fine arts in fashion design.

The idea and business planning emerged more than 7 years ago when a need for respectable and quality fashion design academy deserved a chance to be established in Stanger, And ever since we were established hundreds of students registers at Ningi’s Academy for enrollment in fashion design.

As a proudly South African academy of fashion design we are proud to deliver the most advanced graduates and also being a more advanced fashion design academy established in South Africa, As founder’s first name is Ningi our academy name derives from her first name.


Our mission is to fill the gap of impossibilities especially for black people who loves fashion and classy stuff, We aim at benefiting peoples by providing them with a chance to express their skills and love for fashion designing. Ningis academy’s mission is to make sure that all students realize that our academy is not just a school but a free and learning environment where all students feel free to enjoy doing what they most admire, We give all our students an opportunity of freedom when it comes to fashion designing. Ningis Academy is always willing to offer all our students a freedom of expressing all their talent and passion with nothing else but through fabric ! We love to make all our students enjoy the moment of being free to create great and stunning output to everything they touch and created.


We are proud to announce that one of our vision we planned to achieve a while ago has been implemented and is up and running, Our vision was to gain trust through out whole KZN and we have gained it by given a chance to expand our brand, We have a new branch at Mandini. This is a mile stone for us because it shows that we are slowly but surely getting a positive response from interested parties in fashion designing.

We aim at opening more new branches in the whole KZN.